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Welcome to the HEXA


Hexa Supply isn’t just another supply chain.  Hexa is an exclusive membership that provides comprehensive solutions for your business.

WHY Choose HEXA?

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Purchasing Discounts

Hexa uses the combined purchases of all its members to negotiate the best pricing for our products.  We then pass these discounts down to our members. This advantage along with our industry leading inventory tools allow Hexa to create programs that offer its members the greatest potential for savings.

Product Strategy

Service Dealer Focused Marketing Programs

Hexa strives to deliver all levels of marketing assistance that may be needed- as little or as much as each business may require.  Through our comprehensive menu of marketing support options, we provide members  with a consistent platform that cohesively links the distribution chain together.

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Technology Platform & Tools

We provide technology related solutions to our members including: Product Information Management, Business Intelligence, Demand Forecasting, Electronic Order Processing (EDI), Internet Parts Ordering (IPO), Centralized Billing, Payment Processing, and Payment Processing. We provide B2B, B2C, and eCommerce solutions. We also provide Electronic Catalog Solutions.

Technology Solutions
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Service Experts

The Parts Plus Car Care Center and Auto Service Experts shop programs are designed to assist our members in selling additional services through tailor-made programs.

Commercial Programs

Membership Highlights

The product department focuses on providing a well-defined strategy that arms our members and their customers with the most relevant parts coverage. The product department also negotiates defined program metrics to ensure that our members and their customers are as competitive as possible within their markets.

Car Care Center program, tools & equipment/PB & E website and our service dealer loyalty programs.

We connect Warehouse Distributors with their customers and suppliers of products for resale; reducing their cost of doing business by leveraging technology to automate and centralize services.

Member store promotions include our consumer facing promotions, loyalty programs and brand awareness advertising.

Credit card processing, leasing and finance, office supplies, services, and equipment, insurance and warehouse services & equipment.