Benefits of a Full-Service Warehouse Solution

We are experts in handling imported and exported freight. Along with our partners, we can move any items in or out of the States, whether it be fragile, frozen, perishable goods or hazardous materials. We safely brace all products and package them to be ready for distributing inside the U.S. or abroad. Easily ship to/from almost any country in the world and rest assured that your product will be efficiently managed on each side. We receive shippping orders near every major inland port city in the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We have access to every ocean and major ship path. There’s a variety of options for freight. It can be floor loaded, palletized, or specialy handled and we handle every order according to the trade lawas of whichever country is sending or receiving goods. We help businesses ship through the complexities of international trade. If you’re looking to expand into global markets or diversify into international goods, you’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to inventory storage and delivery, you need the benefits of full service warehouse stations. You need someone dependable that you can trust. Regardless of how small or large your business may be, a full service warehouse can provide great benefits to both small businesses and large corporations alike. We offer proffesional full-service warehousing options such as Climate-Controlled facilities. Cold Storage is a necessity for perishable goods and with climate control you have the confidence that your inventory is properly stored. We also will help grow your business. If you have limited space and growing inventory, you can benefit from working with a fulfillment provider through our inventory management system as well as our massive storage space.

Pick-and-pack services process small- to large- quantities of inventory, disassembling them, sending them to final destinations, and re packing them with shipping labels and invoices. By using our full-service warehousing fulfillment provisions, you will take advanatage of pick-and-pack services that provide teh maximum efficiency for optimal order fulfillment. These services are also cost-friendly and help companies achieve fast turnaround times for package deliveries.

Logistics are often slow to change. Retail and eCommerce face continous disruptions but keep coming out on top somehow. At the same time,half of all trucks travel empty on their ride back home and warehouses sit overfilled. Digitalization allows warehousing and transportation operations to escalate the customer experience and deliver value to partners. This process creates an efficient ecosystem of supply chain providers: manufacturers, carriers, freight forwarders, and more. We have narrowed down digitalization to two approaches: automation and using data. Our logistics managements systems (LMSs) bring value to your business by automating processes and helping use data to make educated decisions.

We also specialize in international trade protocols, traditional logistical services including both public and contract, transportation, and cross dock and transloading services. We are extremely experienced in securing and storing high dollar inventory, kitting, light assembly, refurbishment, repackaging in the confines of our ambient and climate controlled facilities. We own and lease a number of real estate locations throughout the US for dtandard dry and food grade storage. We also look forward to expanding our services based off each customers needs. We have established longevity and experience in the 3PL industry and are able to negotiate cost-competive options in our facilities we own or lease. We have proven experience that provides a valuable foundation for all our partners. Our vast knowledge, experience, state of the art equipment and top notch customer service provide all customers a comprehensive and flawless third party logistics solution.

Hexa Logistics - Full Service Warehouse and Fulfillment Company

We pride ourselves on communicating with our customers and we strive to offer customized warehouse and distribution management solutions for every business. Our knowledgeable team is here to offer expertise in logistics planning, warehousing, and the trucking industry. We have warehouses all over the US with more than 16 million square feet nationwide as well as our own fleet for our clients to use as their own. We offer Food Grade Warehousing, eCommerce Fulfillment and Distribution, Contract Warehousing, Flexible Storage, Chemical and Hazmat Storage

We Offer:

Food Grade Warehousing

Flexible Storage

Contract Warehousing

Chemical & Hazmat Storage

E-Commerce Fulfillment and Distribution

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