Delivering Service and Promoting Businesses

A customer service obsessed visionary founded HSI. He understood what it takes to succeed in the Retail and Wholesale environments, more specifically in the Outdoor, Automotive, Sporting Goods, RV, and Music marketplaces. Our goal is for both members and vendors to grow and become more profitable. HSI’s mission is to provide independently owned retailers and vendors with the ability to effectively compete in an ever changing environment. This is accomplished through purchases, marketing, and service. It’s about quality products backed up with customer service. Today HSI comprises over 1600 independent retail members that represent over 3000 store fronts all over the U.S. HSI offers independent retailers a diverse portfolio in all categories of the retail industry. HSI hosts eleven different buying markets every 4 years that differ from industry trade shows because they are actually ordering, writing and buying products only open to member retailers.