Privacy Policy

Last Updated June 20, 2019

HSI strives to maintain the highest standards in all of our interactions with Company customers, Team Members and vendors. Our statement of Core Values also reflects our commitment to all our stakeholders: our customers, our Team Members, our stockholder, and our community and environment. As the HSI market continues to grow, each of us is personally responsible to support our mission and Core Values. We have issued this Code of Business Conduct to restate our longstanding commitment to follow the law and to act ethically in all situations. The Code is intended to provide guidance to all HSI Team Members and members of the Board of Directors, as well as consultants and agents doing business for HSI. Please review this Code carefully and be sure that you understand it. If you have questions, please ask your Team Leader or contact the Ethics Committee directly.



The Code of Business Conduct (“the Code”) is designed to promote a responsible and ethical work environment for all HIS Team Members and members of the HSI Board of Directors (“Board Members”). The Code contains guidelines on proper behavior in the workplace and contact information to be used in the event you have questions or concerns  The Code also applies to third parties doing business on behalf of HSI, such as consultants, contractors and agents. If you hire a third party, you should take reasonable steps to ensure the third party is aware of the Code, has a reputation for ethical behavior, and acts in a manner consistent with the Code. Your Responsibilities In performing your duties for HSI, you are responsible for abiding by HSI policies and all local and national laws in all countries in which the Company does business. You are also obligated to comply with all other applicable laws, rules and regulations of any regulatory organization, licensing agency, or professional association governing your professional activities.


 You are responsible for knowing and following the laws and policies that relate to your duties, including the policies in the Code and all other Company policies, such as those found in the General Information Guide (“GIG”). If you have questions about specific laws that may apply to your activities or about whether particular circumstances may involve illegal conduct, contact the HSI General Counsel. You should also contact the General Counsel if you think a provision of this Code may conflict with an applicable legal requirement or a provision in the GIG or another Company policy. Violating the Code or other Company policies may result in corrective action up to and including discharge, and HSI may seek to recover damages or file criminal charges. However, most problems can be easily avoided by simply using good judgment and seeking guidance when questions arise. It is your responsibility to raise questions, make appropriate disclosures and bring potential problems to the Company’s attention.


Antitrust Laws :

Team Members are required to comply with the antitrust and competition laws of the countries where we do business. In general, HSI Team Members must avoid agreements, understandings or plans with competitors that limit or restrict competition, including price fixing and allocation of markets.


Fair Dealing:

Team Members and Board Members should always deal fairly with HSI’s customers, suppliers, vendors, competitors and employees. They should not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidential information, falsification, misrepresentation of material facts or any other practice involving intentional unfair dealing. This provision does not alter existing legal relationships between the Company and its Team Members, including any at-will employment arrangements.


Complaints to Government Agencies Occasionally, a job applicant, customer, or current or former Team Member may file or threaten to file a complaint against HSI with the government. If a Team Member or Board Member is notified about such a complaint, they should immediately contact the General Counsel.