Giving back to the community and actively supporting causes we believe in is a year-round initiative at HSI. Who doesn’t appreciate acting responsibly? We know it’s something our members’ take seriously out there on the real world. It is also something we take seriously in our approach to the way we conduct our business. That’s why we have a social responsibility policy. We realize our social impact is greater than just the services we provide so we partner with organizations that are looking at the bigger picture in conservation, sustainability, and equality both locally and globally.

Commitment / Sustainability
HSI is committed to

We want to ensure the most ethical practices, help improve working conditions, and protect the rights of people around the world where-ever we can. We love our planet and the places we conduct our businesses on.Being socially responsible is a huge priority—whether we’re partnering with vendors or providing peace of mind to members (our employees, customers and the general public). Sustainability is something everyone takes seriously in this contemporary World. To us, sustainability starts with our staff and our ability to maintain the Quality of our service and giving back to the communities is one of our priorities.

Continuous / Improvement
HSI vies for

At HSI we believe being a sustainable business is about so much more than just buying and selling. We take all our tasks seriously and so we do not just assign our Social duties to a “committee” so everyone else can get on with their work. Rather, every members who joins our team is deeply motivated to use HSI and their own energy to make the world a better place — to minimize each of our impacts, to maximize all of our actions, practice environmental safekeeping and maintain high ethical standards. At HSI, we motivate our teams to create an ongoing conversation about what it means to truly love this planet and these wild spaces. From here, we know we are in a good place to encourage others to do the same, to pay attention to the land we call our backyard, and to apply the lessons we learn there to our business sense.

Code of Conduct

We are proud of our well-established Social Responsibility Program, having instituted our Code of Conduct in 2012, with continuous monitoring efforts from the very beginning of our journey. We expect dignity and ethical treatment of all our employees who works hard everyday to maintain our standards. The cornerstone of our program’s effectiveness is based on fair but strict enforcement, understanding and working successfully with vendors and partners to facilitate process improvements affecting the worker’s quality of life.We’re obsessed with quality and durability, providing service that lasts longer and sets example for every Industry we serve.

Hexa supports and endorses Various groups

At Hexa, we believe that our impact is greater than just the decisions we are making in the day to day business and manufacturing processes, so we’ve partnered with a number of non-profit organizations that are looking at the bigger picture. As a business that makes difference, HSI is committed to promote social responsibility.